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11 October 2008 @ 02:36 am

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SORRY. But yeah. I like my privacy. If you want in please note the following:

1. Don't friend me if we are never going to talk. I find that rather pretentious that someone asks to friend me yet when I comment on their journal they don't talk back or visit me as well. I don't care what number of friends I have so I'd rather not add people who won't communicate. WTF is the point?

2.I have beliefs, fandom, and rants. I also post art and icons. I'm human and I think for myself. I don't care for attention whores or fandom wankers. SO FUCK OFF if you are any of these. If you are not you and me will be cool. <3

3.I have a lot of information about myself in my userprofile so take a look at that first before commenting.